Well turning 25 has come & passed; I have to say it was one of the best birthdays I have had in a very long time. Shout out to those who showed up for dinner, drinks, dancing & for the many shots that caused this 2 day hangover lol. I’m still recovering, yes I know its now been 2 days but too many shots will do this to an old fart like me. I was completely spoiled, I was gifted 4 pairs of shoes & some great workout capri pants from friends & the bf; don’t worry I’ll post them up.  I feel so good about this year; I have a great circle of friends, an amazing job w/ wonderful coworkers, my little love life is pretty damn swell & of course amazing readers who enjoy my rants about style <3. Just give me another day to recover babes, I promise more fun posts are on their way. Cheers to turning 25 & for a great year! Again I cannot wait to share my style ventures with you all! <3





outfit details Dress: Topshop Black Maxi: Agaci Heels: Forever 21 Socks: KMart Mini Piñata: Target



Photos by: @mell_lo

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