I’ve always been curious to try out a juice cleanse but I also didn’t want to deny my body of “real” food. Now that I’ve been pretty good into my healthy lifestyle regime, I figured my will power is pretty strong. For my first juice cleanse experience, I decided to try out Crft Juice. 


Crft Juice produces 4 juices labeled as Earth, Wind, Fire, & Water (pretty clever & now all I have is the Captain Planet theme song stuck in my head.. the power is yours!!) yes please give me the strength to not give up on this cleanse! I know it’s only a day but I mean come on…


Join me on my day of cleansing:

What I received: 5 juices: 2 Earth, 1 Wind, 1 Fire & 1 Water.

**Suggested: Drinking 1 gallon of lemon water throughout the day.

8:00am: First up EARTH:  spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, pineapple, & lemon. I’m a fan of green juices so this is delicious & filling.

10:36am: Okay I’m feeling it right now. Ugh what’d I do to go to the kitchen & grab some bacon strips. Mmm bacon…

11:00am: Next up Wind: strawberries, blueberries & raspberries. Literally taste like you’re biting into a big juicy strawberry, so far my fave! I’m back to feeling good & not too hungry I mean yes I would much rather be eating carrot sticks or a freakin bagel lol.

2:00pm Next Fire: oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, nopal, celery & ginger. Taste amazing in the beginning but the after taste is a mix of grapefruit & celery & well idk it’s not my cup of tea. The juice description states it is a great fat burner that gives you a boost of energy & great as a natural preworkout. I’m thinking of giving it a try before one of my workouts.


6:00pm: Back to Earth juice for dinner. While my bf enjoyed his delish Arbys melt with curly fries, I was sipping on my green juice jammed pack with greens & nutrients…. I felt good! Surprisingly I had a ton of energy.

8:00pm: Finally the last juice to consume on this cleanses; Water: aloe, pineapple & coconut. Initially very refreshing especially since it was super cold, but again not a fan of the aftertaste so I went for it & just chugged it all. For me it had the aftertaste of a diet drink & personally I don’t enjoy any of those.

Tuesday morning

6:00am: Woke up & was not starving at all! I felt completely rested & energized! I can’t believe I actually made it through the day on just juices!


Final thoughts: Thumbs up to this & I’ll be ordering more for sure. I probably would do another cleanse but in a few months. So for now I’ll stick to mixing up the juices with my meals, trying out the Fire as a preworkout, or after my workouts to replenish my body.

Check them out on IG: @crftjuice or by clicking here for more information. My one day cleanse cost about $30.00; trust me it is totally worth it & your body will thank you! If you are a brave soul you can also try out the 3 day or even 7 day cleanse (insane but more power to you!).

tops: H&M

shorts/sneakers/sports bra: Adidas

headband: Walgreens

sunnies: Forever 21


photos by: Claudio aka Chino

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