I must say starting a blog was pretty scary, especially since I didn’t know how El Paso would take to it. In the beginning, what am I saying, to this day there are haters out there but the support has surpassed all of my expectations. With the help of other bloggers for inspiration & advice (Shop Save & Sequins is literally bae with all her support), my friends & family; I kept on doing what I love & I’m enjoying every minute! Bringing something different to the city; fashion perspective from a gal who adores it all but has a budget. Yes I’ll splurge once in a while but you know I can never say no to a good sale!

We Run 915 caught my attention, not being biased that I know the fella behind it all, but it’s dope seeing those close to you or even those you used to have a close relationship with continue their passion & keep it in their home town. A friend of mine created, We Run 915 to continue his passion not only for running but growing the city of El Paso.

 I wanted to be part of the inspiring community. I wanted to bring that inspiring community to El Paso to inspire more people. I have met many of these people in my lifetime, people who are calling the shots in the city, creating, designing, building, and breaking through new areas this city has never seen. 

…it means We Run El Paso. We run this shit. Doing whatever it is you do in El Paso, to the best of your ability, and making this city something greater and greater everyday. This is a creative outlet for me. I have no set path, no set design and no set ideas, except one: El Paso and the great people in this city.

Just having fun doing something different for the city i love.

— J

I had to get a hold of his first project, simple tees with a huge statement.


Everyone is so quick to say “fuck El Paso, I can’t wait to leave” BUT this city has a ton to offer & as cheesy as it sounds it all starts with us! So if you hate El Paso then get out, we have plenty of love to keep us growing.

Check out the 2 ways I styled up the tee!

Gym/Outdoor outfit & Business Casual; now excuse me while I go run this city, I mean WE…




outfit details: Tee: We Run 915 Leggings: Target Sneakers: New Balance




outfit details Skirt: Forever 21 Heels: Lulus



photos by: @mell_lo

p.s. Make sure you follow We Run 915 on IG for the latest updates & projects ( @werun915 ).

5 thoughts to “We Run 915

  • Vaness

    Beyond honored to be mentioned. Love you girl. and LOVE your blog. Much amore always! xx

  • FerGratton

    Hey! I just found your blog beacuse you gave me a like on IG, John is also a good friend of mine! Im just starting to get my blog/life together. Its awesome to know there are other bloggers in EP! I hope we can meet sometime! Love your blog btw!


    • sheerstomping

      Thank you!! We should def meet up 💋 can’t wait to see what you come up with & maybe even do a collaboration ☺️

      • FerGratton

        Absoluely! Just followed u in IG! Any advise I’ll appreciate it!


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